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Chaîne Palm Springs Bailliage

The Palm Springs Bailliage is an active and engaging group of 50 local businessmen and women, doctors, lawyers, club managers, hoteliers, chefs, wine distributors and retirees from the Coachella Valley as well as members from other Bailliages across America.

Contact Information

Annette Rakowitz
Palm Springs Bailli




 Officers and Board Members of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Palm Springs Chapter

Pierre Lemieux
Vice Chancelier Argentier
Dave Lamb
Vice Conseiller Gastronomique
Chris Olson
Vice Conseiller Culinaire
Michael Tovian
Vice Chargé de Missions
Susan Berman
Vice Chargée de Presse
Pierre Lemieux
Vice Echanson
Steve Saxon
Vice Chargée de Medias Sociaux